-Twinkle Stars-Stars-

-Movement & Motion-


Any style Leotard 


Pink Ballet Slippers

Hair pulled up off of face

Kinderdance Programs

Any Style Leotard


Pink Leather Ballet Slippers

Black Patent Tap Shoes

Hair Pulled up off of face

-Ballet- Lyrical- Contemporary- Classes

Any Style Leotard


Skirt- Optional

Pink Leather Ballet Slipper or Pirouettes

Hair Pulled up


Black Leather Tap

Tie or Ushell buckle style

Cami top or leotard

Pant or shorts

- Acro -

Leotard no skirt, no camis

bare feet

Hair pulled up

- Studio Blu -

Tee Shirt

Short or pants


-Jazz- Hip hop - Funk -

Leotard or cami

Short or pants

Black Leather Jazz bootie

Hair secured